Fernhill House became the star of a BBC radio show this week when Hereford and Worcester presenter Malcolm Boyden called in to spend an afternoon chatting to residents and testing some of its luxurious facilities. 

Intrigued by the home’s forthcoming James Bond themed casino evening on December 15 to raise funds for a bicycle rickshaw, or trishaw, Malcolm ventured from his warm studio to see at first hand just what all the fuss was about. And he was genuinely, pleasantly flabbergasted by what he encountered.

In fact, he was so impressed he devoted an astonishing 19 minutes of his mid-morning show on Tuesday (December 5) to sharing the home’s highlights with his faithful listeners.

He was bowled over by the number, quality and style of restaurants, bars and tea rooms, the plush art deco style cinema,  the indoor potting shed,  the enthusiasm of the residents and staff. Indeed it was, he said, frankly the poshest care home he’d ever visited – and more like swanky hotel or an opulent cruise ship. 

“Fernhill House is no ordinary care home,” he told his listeners. “I’ve landed in a place that resembles a top quality hotel, somewhere you might want to spend a weekend  - or a fortnight if you’re very lucky. It’s absolutely magnificent. It’s an incredible place.” 

In chatting to home manager Peta Mandleberg he confessed: “Sometimes I come out of a care home feeling rather down in the dumps. I think I’m going to leave here with a feeling of optimism. This is a beautiful place. It really has opened my eyes.” 

If you missed the programme you can listen again here. In the first section (at around 39 minutes in) you'll find us being shaken not stirred (or maybe it was both) in the library. Then around one hour 12 minutes in we have a little wander around the indoor potting shed, pub and tea room, and then we meet amazing 94-year-old Marian at around two hours and 24 minutes..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p05mks44#play