The power of music

The power of music, especially singing has been proven to unlock memories and is key to our holistic approach to caring for those in our memory care community.

The sound of a childhood nursery rhyme, music shared on a special day or a song played so much the record player stopped turning can stimulate parts of the brain that other forms of communication can not reach.

When music unlocks a once forgotten memory. A beautiful moment was captured at our sister home in  Evesham, Cavendish Park.

Musical Spaces

Across all of our homes, we have carefully thought out spaces dedicated to music. The walls have posters of international singers, famous vinyl covers and classic old movies where music is the memory.

Easy-to-play instruments are used in group and 121 activities and are always accessible should a loved one want to play some music.

Musical moments in our traditional pub, the George and Mildred  right here at our Worcester care home

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Tinkling the ivories

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