Roses of Recognition.
Our unique way to say thank you to our Berkley Care Heroes.

Developed by an idea from our Finance Director, Steve – we have named 5 individual “Roses of Recognition” as a unique way to show our immense gratitude to members of the Fernhill House team.  

Taking the Latin meaning of their company values Happiness, Heart, Family, Trust & Creativity to name the Roses, Fernhill House Managers nominated a member of their team, each week to celebrate & recognise their dedication, hard work and positivity they continue to bring to their Residents and their colleagues.  

The Beatus” Rose meaning to be blessed, happy & fortunate was awarded to Thelma O’Leary. “Thelma is always jolly and full of life, she never stops thinking of ideas to keep our residents amused”. 

Nominated for the “Fiducia” Rose, representing Berkey care’s value of Trust, Tracey Doherty. “Tracey runs an excellent unit on Clover and has the confidence and loyalty of her staff who trust her as their Line Manager. “

The third Rose Delectio’ meaning Love, Goodwill, and Delight, Berkley Care’s Heart value, was awarded to Georgia McKillup. “Georgia makes sure she brings the residents together to promote a family feel every day. She knows just how to communicate in a person-centered way understanding what’s best for each resident.”

The Conficiens’ Rose representing creativity was presented to Frankie Brennan to say thank you for the incredible job in supporting our staff and residents! “She has made so many contacts within the community who have been so supportive over the last few months with messages and treats for the team. She is a much-valued member of Team Fernhill.

Shanice Hobbs was recognised for the “Necessitudines” Rose, meaning the Berkley Care Value of Family. Manager Angie Ryan nominated Shanice, “She wears her heart on her sleeve and gets very passionate about always providing outstanding care. The residents love her and so do we.”

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