If you have a loved one in a care home, Christmas may have seemed to lose a little of its sparkle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Care homes offer plenty of opportunities to celebrate with your loved one, and to enjoy the festive season just the same as if they were still at home. 

Celebrating with your loved one 

Just because your loved one is in a care home, doesn’t mean you have to exclude them from your festive celebrations. Why not pop in and decorate their room, or bring them some Christmas cards from their friends and family to open and read with them? Aside of this, here are some top tips for making your visit and celebrations go well: 

· Play music and sing: Older people can get a great deal out of singing and listening to music, so bring along a CD or an iPod with speaker to play some of their favourite festive melodies. 

· Show them your photos: So many of us leave photographs languishing on our smartphones or PCs, never to see the light of day again. Print out a handful of photos from recent events, and let your loved one look through them to reminisce and catch up on all your news. 

· Favourite foods: The care home is likely to be loaded with treats over the festive period, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring along some old favourites. From home made mince pies to their favourite fudge, a taste of home can bring comfort and joy to your loved one. 

· Get involved: Hopefully you’ve already got some familiar faces around the home, such as care workers or other residents and their families, so join in with activities to reinforce those connections. If you’re new to the home, this is a great time of year to make new friends and connect with people, which can be truly valuable in helping your loved one to feel included. 

· Don’t overdo things: As much as you want to enjoy this special time, it’s crucial not to overdo the festivities. Particularly people living with dementia can become overwhelmed if there’s too much going on, and even those who are not cognitively challenged will become tired if they try to do too much. Schedule some quiet time to let everyone recharge their batteries. 

Celebrating with older people in their care home setting doesn’t need to be anything less than magical. Talk to our team about how best to spend the festive season with your loved one, and make this Christmas just as special as all the others. 

Christmas at Fernhill House Our care team work hard in the run up to Christmas to get our residents involved in plenty of festive activities. From making decorations to buying and wrapping presents, we want to make Christmas just as fun in our home as it is at home, and to welcome family and friends to spend time with their loved ones. 

We like to get to know each individual person in an intimate way, particularly if they are suffering with cognitive impairment. Telling us about past Christmases, favourite foods or songs and other familiar situations can help us to tailor their Christmas experience to make it memorable. 

You are welcome to join us for a special meal on Christmas day, or at any other time over the festive period. In fact, our doors are always open, so whether you want to come for an hour or stay all day, we’ll ensure you can have a wonderful time with your loved one this year. We often have Christmas entertainment or other events taking place, so why not ask a member of staff if you’d like to join in with some of these activities. 

Of course, you don’t have to stay in the home, so if you’d like to take your loved one to a carol service, out for a meal or to your family home for the day, just talk to our care team to find out how we can help you. Christmas is a time for family, and whether you live nearby or far away, we want to help you and your loved one to celebrate in a way that meets all your needs.