The terrifying sight of Donald Trump loitering in Fernhill Heath was just one of around 40 disconcerting visitors to the village over half term!   

He was the creation of residents at Fernhill House and was their entry to the village’s first ever scarecrow trail.   

The event saw dozens of families putting their creative abilities to the test - with entries including Star Wars' Darth Vader, a policeman and a gravity defying gymnast.   The trail was sponsored by Fernhill House and judged by the home’s manager Peta Mandleberg.   

The winners were residents from Eastfield Close, who created a family complete with baby, with second prize going to Ivy Lane residents' creation of the three little pigs. In third place came the Chatterbox Pre-School with their interpretation of a happy pupil.   

Anyone wanting to enjoy the scarecrow trail, whose entries will be on view until tomorrow (Saturday), can find details at Costcutter, the Post Office and the Spar.   

* Fernhill House residents created a spooky Donald Trump scarecrow as their entry to the village’s first ever scarecrow trail