A pilot session of massage and sound therapy by a local holistic therapist has proved so popular it has become a weekly highlight at Fernhill House.   

Michelle Beagley spends three hours every Tuesday in the home, offering treatments to residents and staff.   

While the soothing and physically beneficial effects of massage are well documented, sound therapy is a lesser known practice – which involves the use of relaxing or stimulating sounds such as drums, bells, bowls and the human voice to induce calm and rebalance the body’s energy.   

Massage and sound therapy are just some of the therapeutic treatments available at Fernhill House. Hot towel pampering, which involves a hand massage and essential oils, manicures, meditation and reiki are among the treatments available – with the hairdressing salon open to those living with dementia in the wider community.   

All therapists are dementia trained, ensuring a relaxing experience as well as a comfortable space for non-residents to have their hair styled.     * Residents can relax in a ‘sound bath’ at Fernhill House