The finely stocked bar at Fernhill House will enjoy an extra bit of pizzazz every month – thanks to its membership of a craft gin club. 

Residents can enjoy sampling a specialist gin every month – and carrying on testing it until stocks are depleted.   But never fear – there’ll be another one along soon!   

And creative hospitality manager, award winning chef Chris Williams, used this month’s mystery consignment – Honeybee gin  - to create a mouth-watering take on the traditional Eton mess - Fernhill mess, the recipe for which is below.   

The ethos behind the gin club is to enable members to sample small batch, rare gins from around the world which would not be available anywhere else  – least of all in the supermarket!   

With Fernhill House’s all inclusive price policy, residents can not only quaff as much gin as they like – but meals, wine, tea and cakes for themselves, family and friends whenever they fancy – without paying a penny on top of their monthly fee.   

Friends and family are positively welcomed to join their relative for a cocktail, craft gin, three course dinner or afternoon tea and cake whenever they fancy.    

Recipe for Fernhill mess (makes six)   
Six ready-made meringues,  570 ml double cream,  450g raspberries,  75ml honeybee go   1 x tablespoon of sugar    

Begin by mixing the raspberries, gin and sugar together so the raspberries are covered and slightly macerated. Next whisk the cream until it is firm. Fold the raspberry mix through the cream and then crush the meringues into the mix and give it a final stir.  Finish with finely grated lime zest and voila!!