The opening of Fernhill House this April coincides with another important date in the calendar - National Pet Month!   The therapeutic benefits animals can bring to people are well documented.   

Home manager Peta Mandleberg will regularly be bringing in her two friendly labradoodles, Lucy and Ruby, to be stroked by any residents who appreciate the comfort obtained from contact with a warm furry pooch!  

Indeed, at Fernhill House, every month is pet month!   Throughout the year, as well as regular visits from Lucy and Ruby, a variety of other four legged beasts may make an appearance at Fernhill House. There are already plans for regular petting animals and reindeer at Christmas!   

One of the wrenches for many people moving into a home is the loss of a beloved pet - but at Fernhill House, for those able to take care of their day to day needs, pets will be positively encouraged to remain with their owners – although Peta does draw a line at snakes!   

Research shows that living with pets helps lower blood pressure, lessen anxiety and boost immunity.   Cuddling a pet can elevate levels of ‘happy chemicals’ serotin and dopamine and release oxytocin which has a calming soothing effect.   

According to one psychologist: “A pet is better than Prozac. Animals have a completely different agenda to humans, and bring things back to basics. They want comfort, feeding and love. In return, they give huge affection.”