Putting the fun into retirement living is a key part of the ethos of Fernhill House, and with that in mind, its new 100 strong team were invited to take part in a range of zany activities as part of a team building day held in the run up to its opening this week.   

The event, organised by manager Peta Mandleberg and deputy manager Clair Gurteen, saw the entire staff being asked to do weird and wacky things to help them to get to know each other and really get under the skin of Fernhill House’s dynamic approach to retirement living. 

Among the activities was a competition to see which team could build the tallest giraffe out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Needless to say the spaghetti was uncooked – or the result would have been both very sticky and a little droopy!   The teams were predominantly made up of trained nurses and wellbeing ambassadors. The latter were selected for their passion and enthusiasm and will look after the residents’ day-to-day requirements.   

Peta explained: “Appointing people who will help our residents at all stages of their day – from their morning cup of tea and bathing to organising craft and fitness activities and joining the residents for a potter in the garden – provides reassuring continuity.”   

All members of the senior leadership team helped out on the day, including award winning chef Chris Williams, maintenance manager David Smith, dementia lead Jo Hopkins and administrators George Carr and Debs Jones.   

Peta Mandleberg, a registered nurse who has worked in the care sector for many years, is passionate about the ethos of the home and specifically recruited people who share that passion and enthusiasm.   “We will offer a different approach to life for over-65s and want to put the fun and fulfilment back into retirement living. That will be reflected in all we do,” she said.