Keeping everyone safe

Keeping safe. Our promise is our unwavering commitment to ensure our residents, new admissions, their families and our Fernhill House team always feel safe in our home.

We’ve enhanced and developed our Winter plan. We’ve added a new safe, indoor visiting room, increased our already robust infection control policy, regularly test everyone and we’ve invested in world-leading, air purification units with proven “viruskiller” technology.

We want you to know you’ve made the right choice for the safest new home for your loved one.

Staying Safe

In this brave new world, it’s our priority to always exceed in infection control. We’ve become even stronger in our uncompromising commitment to make our homes as clean and safe as possible. The hours of our Housekeeping team have been increased and their amazing hard work 24 hours of each day ensures a constant in cleanliness and the deepest of cleans throughout.

Our vibrant Healthcare Heroes and Superstars recruitment initiative has attracted some wonderful new people to Majesticare, people who have a deep-set kindness and a constant passion to care.

Our visiting policy is strict and delivered with compassion. Health questionnaires are completed every visit, we provide PPE and where public transport is the only way to reach us, we’ll do what we can to help families arrive safely, all it takes is a phone call.

Keeping safe. Our promise… always.

Keeping everyone safe

The continued safety and happiness of our Fernhill House Care Home team is carefully considered and has evolved throughout the pandemic.

We are well stocked with PPE often exceeding guidelines, face coverings are provided when away from work and a Covid-safe Majesticare mini-bus ensures teams a safe journey to work.

Temperatures are taken throughout the day, regular weekly testing is conducted and uniforms are only ever worn whilst at work. All our uniforms are freshly laundered within the home.

We have embraced this brave new world together. Watch our video. 

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