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Majesticare has an unwavering commitment to always deliver and exceed Keeping safe. Our promise. It’s our aim to make sure loved ones, their families and our Fernhill House team always feel safe within our home.

From the very beginning, we have been proactive in our vision to be at the forefront of innovation in care. We have carefully researched new and advancing technology. From iPads to Alexas, and Virtual Reality there is no end to our dedication to the rich, fulfilling lifestyle in our home. Learn more about wonderful activities team and their innovative ways to keep their residents stimulated, smiling and full of happiness.

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Clean air technology

Recognised as one of the only key partners within the Care sector, Majesticare have joined forces with 4th Wave Technology & Air Initiative to bring cutting-edge clean air technology to Fernhill House.

Throughout our Worcestershire home, we’ve added Hextio Air Purifiers to our resident’s rooms, our indoor visiting room and throughout our home.  Compact, portable and using the World’s highest certified clear air technology “Viruskiller” they provide real-time protection against airborne allergens, pollutants and viruses. They continuously improve the quality of indoor air.

This is Keeping safe. Our promise to you.

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How does it work

Certified Ozone free, these small, compact units, achieve real-time protection by continuously drawing contaminated air into the unit, decontaminating it in a single air pass and releasing clean air back into the breath zone.

We will always strive to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, and during the winter months ahead we can provide loved ones, within the comfort of their rooms and families in our indoor visiting room the benefits of fresh, clean air.

Learn more about how we’re welcoming residents safely to our home.

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Dedicated to supporting loved ones to be together safely


We will always keep everyone in our family safe and happy


Creating innovative and engaging ways to promote a richly positive and fulfilling lifestyle


Is what we will achieve for all through Keeping safe. Our promise.


We are trusted by all to always do the right thing to keep everyone safe.

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