At Fernhilll House Care Home, we understand how emotional and important a decision it is choosing a care home for a loved one and even more so in this brave new world we live in. It’s why we’ve developed the Majesticare Keeping safe. Our promise. Our approach to safely welcoming new residents, keeping everyone connected, and looking after the health and wellbeing of our residents and our wider Majesticare family.

From a beautiful welcome suite so you can be with your loved one for their settling in period, to safe visiting, enhanced and robust infection control, regular testing and investment into world-leading, air purification units with proven “viruskiller” technology, we want you to know that you’re making the right choice for the safest new home for your loved one to enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

A simply beautiful show suite.

At our Worcestershire care home, we’ve developed a unique and safe way for new permanent residential, short-term respite, nursing and dementia care residents & families to visit our luxury care home safely and view our stunning new show suite.

We’ve created a unique opportunity for you to safely experience in person, the elegance & the luxury of your new bedroom and living space. You’ll meet our knowledgeable team and learn more about the exceptional care and award-winning lifestyle within our home.

It’s Our Promise to you that we’ll always bring a shared love, kindness and friendship to everyone in our Majesticare Family as we care for and welcome new residents into our home.

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New Admissions

At Fernhill House, we’re welcoming new residents to our home and our Majesticare family. Through our dedicated approach to outstanding care and our Keeping Safe promise, we are able to provide both short-term respite and long term residential, nursing and dementia care for your loved ones.

Learn more about the wonderful, fulfilling and rich life at Cavendish Park care home
Lifestyle & Wellbeing and our approach to Tailored Care for you or loved ones.

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Visiting loved ones

We understand how important it is for everyone’s wellbeing that we keep loved ones and families connected, sharing and creating memories together.

In line with restrictions lifting and the newest government guidance (17.5.21), we’re so pleased to welcome up to 5 designated family members, to safely, visit a loved one, inside our home* You can also nominate one of your 5 family members to be an essential caregiver. Even more exciting news is that loved ones can join you for a low-risk visit outside of our care home.

Younger members, under 16 can now visit loved ones in our gorgeous gardens too! And, with our beautiful, partitioned indoor visiting room, we’ll always keep families connected, in this brave new world.
Learn more about how you can stay connected to your loved ones.

*Conditions apply.

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A beautiful welcome suite

At our Worcester care home, we are sensitive to understand that your loved one may find the 14 day settling-in period a difficult time which is why we’ve developed our luxury care home to introduce a beautiful new, safe Welcome Suite. 

For new permanent residential, nursing and dementia care residents, a family member will have the option join their loved one for the settling-in period*

At Fernhill House care home it will always be our priority to look after the wellbeing of our residents and their families. It’s Keeping Safe. Our Promise to you.

Welcome Suite >

Keeping everyone safe

It’s Keeping safe. Our promise to ensure that every single day our residents, present and future, and their families always feel safe in our homes. We’ve further developed our approach with a Winter plan to keep everyone in our Fernhill House family as safe as possible.

Covid19 will not define who we are, it is part of our brave new world and it drives us to deliver the care, the lifestyle, and that true Majesticare happiness in ways that are and will always be, outstanding.

We’ve invested in even deeper infection control measures, continued to increase hours across our housekeeping and activities teams, and provided Covid secure transport for our teams. With newly created Majesticare Mentors, our teams receive regular training and personal development.

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Innovation in Care

From the very beginning, we’ve been at the forefront of innovative care and advancements in technology. We’ve invested in iPads, Alexas and with virtual reality headsets, we take our residents on amazing adventures and a morning walk through a life memory.

Throughout our Worcestershire home, we’ve added Hextio Air Purifiers to bring cutting edge, clean air technology into our home. Using “Viruskiller” considered to be the Worlds highest certified clean air technology, the units deactivate viruses and bacteria and eliminate pollution from indoor air, this is Keeping safe. Our promise to you.

Clean air technology – how it works >>

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Wellbeing for all

At Majesticare we simply love life and at Fernhill House we are dedicated to positivity, happiness and love. We believe it’s our privilege to fill the life in our home with fun, friendship, and as meaningful as possible.  Talented and passionate teams provide our residents with innovative and brilliant activities to stimulate the mind, keep the body active and nurture the soul.

The wellbeing of our teams and our people is so important to us. Every day we are proud and we are humbled by their commitment and their sparkle in this brave new world. Our dedicated people team have developed one of the most advanced employee engagement programmes to reward, recognise and support the special moments and most importantly the every day life for all of our teams.

This is Keeping safe. Our promise to care for the wellbeing of our Majesticare family

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