Peace of mind

For families, having a loved one in the care of someone else can be daunting and there can be a feeling of losing control. For those family members who have Power of Attorney or have been given written consent by the resident at Fernhill House, there is a relatives Gateway on our electronic care records system. This enables you to log in and view (in real time) how your loved one’s day has been so far.

We have also installed an acoustic monitoring system for that extra bit of safety. This system detects any signs of distress and will help us to provide assistance quickly. It also means that residents can have relatively undisturbed sleep because the need for hourly checks is greatly reduced.

The third piece of technology we have introduced to increase levels of safety, is an electronic medication system which works on a barcode basis and greatly reduces errors that occur in other methods. We will be administering medication from residents’ bedrooms so our chances of making mistakes are negligible.


Perhaps life isn't quite as straightforward as it used to be. That's ok. Let's embrace the change together. Settle in at Fernhill House and we'll help assist you where you need it and leave you to lead your own life when you don't.

Before you move in, we'll get to know you and your relatives to make sure we're all on the same page. We'll make sure you're comfortable with your new environment and create a personalized care plan to help you get the most out of Fernhill House and the people who are here for you exclusively.

A carer you can call your own

A space you can call your home

Everyone likes to feel special. And we don't want that to change when you join us. In fact, we want to make you feel even more special. So we'll introduce you to your own nurse or key worker who'll be there on a one-to-one basis to help you adapt to your new surroundings and keep you company between family visits.

They'll also take care of your personal care plan and make sure everything is meeting your expectations.

Nursing and palliative care

When you need an extra level of care, we're there. Not just for our specialist skills and expert knowledge, but also for the support and reassurance you need every single day.

Our registered nursing team prides itself on delivering the absolute best possible standards of care. Plus we are supported by a range of specialists, including GPs, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Remember too, that the NHS contributes towards the costs of nursing care for all residents who need it. Don't worry about the necessary assessments and paperwork - we'll take care of that for you.

Specialist dementia care

Go with the flow. That's our approach to dementia. And it works exceptionally well. Whatever stage you're at, we can help you not only manage but make the most of every moment.

Everything is tailored towards feeling better. From the way we interact to the way we've designed our comfortable, familiar interiors.

Our first floor caters for people living with dementia. We call this floor Clover. Clover has been carefully designed to include destinations for purposeful activity. The environment includes a pub where pub lunches can be enjoyed daily, a tea room where cucumber sandwiches and lovely cakes are the order of the day. Our lovely little scarlet painted shop has been named Lea and Perrins due to the local provenance and will carry items that are of particular interest to our residents. In the scullery we envisage pairing socks and casual conversation whilst doing the morning washing. The indoor potting shed is just the spot for whiling away time potting up seeds and encouraging friendships to blossom!

Some people who live with dementia respond very well to doll therapy and our nursery, complete with cot and empathy dolls will help to support this. Equally for those who enjoy crafts, our artist’s workshop enables crafty pursuits to be enjoyed. All activities will be supported by our amazing team of dedicated well-being ambassadors who know how important it is to establish a sense of family.

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