The Importance of Hobbies for the Older Generation
Monday 8 October 2018

Hobbies have always been important for the older generation, be it a form of exercise or arts and crafts. And favourite past times may now be known as a replacement for medication, thanks to something the Health Secretary is calling ‘social prescribing’.

Matt Hancock has called for GPs to prescribe hobbies to patients with the aim to steer away from automatically prescribing painkillers and antidepressants if a person is stressed, depressed or suffering from chronic pain – the aim is to offer them activities that can reduce loneliness and improve their health.

Our home provides an abundance of hobbies that your loved one can explore during their stay. Be it learning something new, or carrying on doing something that they already love, our social calendar offers a huge array of choice to suit all our residents.

We have beautiful gardens that have been designed to offer a tranquil space for your loved ones. Green-fingered residents are able to continue their love of gardening with plenty of accessible planters and raised beds. We encourage our residents to be as physically active as possible, so whether it’s a spot of gardening or seated exercise, a spot of dancing or a skittles competition; there’s plenty of ways to keep moving every day. This light type of regular exercise not only improves physical development, but also helps improve cognitive and fine motor skills.

Away from the physical activities, we also offer clubs that keep socialising at the forefront, which can drastically reduce depression in the older generation. From choirs to bridge tournaments, not only do these clubs keep the brain focused and the mind active, but they offer an important social aspect where residents can socialise and make new friends.

For something that requires a little more concentration, our painting classes and craft afternoons provide a welcome source of calming therapy, and no matter what your ability, there is always the chance to create something beautiful!

For more information about the daily activities we have to offer, just ask at reception or give get in touch here.


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